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As interest rates rise and capital becomes scarce, having a robust network that provides access to off-market deals and alternative financing options is a game-changer in the multifamily investment world.

The Market

Why Invest in Multifamily?

Historically, multifamily has delivered the highest returns with the least risk of all major real estate sectors. These investments typically generate multiple streams of income and can appreciate in value over time, offering potential long-term capital gains to investors.

The Benefits of Investing in Multifamily Properties

Lower vacancy risk

Multiple tenants ensure consistent rental income.

Appreciation potential

Properties can appreciate in value over time.

Forced appreciation

Strategic property improvements can increase income and overall value.

Ideal Passive Investment Opportunity

Why Trust SubTo Fund?

Sustainable Wealth Materialized

Our Competitive Advantage


We believe the multifamily sector is transitioning into a new era. Our fund provides a distinct advantage for our investors. With rising interest rates and stricter lending practices, our expertise in seller financing and our extensive nationwide network position us uniquely to capitalize.

Mitigation through creative finance

Exclusive off-market deal funnels

Highly experienced and dedicated team

Tax saving strategies on all properties

Investments through IRA and 401K programs

Community-based investor incentives

Investor-centric transparency and resources

Positive community impact for both investors and residents

Maintain Precision

Our Strategy

We’re an investment fund focused on raising the bar through strategic acquisition of Class B and C properties in thriving areas. By obtaining these properties below or at market value, primarily with seller financing and/or other creative finance options, we enhance the investment appeal, drive revenue opportunities, improve livability, and contribute to community development. 

Our initiative fosters self-improvement, self-sufficiency, pride of ownership, and the dissemination of knowledge and success within our community.

Our Team

SubTo Fund Team

Pace Morby

General Partner

Josiah Grimes

General Partner

Team Members

Theodore Head

Senior Director of Business Operations

Jaime Avery

Director of Asset Management

Ryan E. Wagner

Acquisitions Manager

Brittany Shulman

Senior Manager Investor Relations

Adam Zbiciak

Investor Relations Manager

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